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Bronwyn & Joshua

May 22, 2022

We started attending church earlier this year after meeting Wayne and Grace at a tidal pool in Camps Bay. Wayne told us about church and we decided to go the very next day, since then, we’ve never missed a Sunday.

The first time we stepped into church, it felt like home. The people made it feel like home! They were very welcoming and we found that church no longer felt like a task, but rather something that we looked forward to.

We serve on the welcome team which, for us, feels like a way to give back to God. Serving doesn’t feel forced, it feels so natural! We also saw that the moment we put God at the centre of our lives, and our marriage, we saw a “day & night” difference.

If we could encourage anyone, who is thinking about coming to church, we’d say, “just show up!”. Come exactly as you are, God wants you just the way you are. We are good enough because God has called us!