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Welcome to the Hillsong Africa Comms Request form. Do you have a request and need some help from the comms team?

We would love to help! Submit your request here


We need ample time to make sure we give you the best possible content and also for us to plan accordingly. We always try to be flexible with situations that are out of your control, but as far as possible, please plan diligently. 
If you have an event or campaign coming up try to think through all the marketing things you might need. If you arent sure, let us know and we can help guide you.


Be as clear, and detailed as possible of what you need so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Know the sizes, quantity, style, budget approvals, etc.

Example of what NOT to fill in: 
“I need a flyer for a worship night.” or “We need a post for Equip”

Example of what helps:
“We have a worship night coming up: We would love to have:
Flyers: Size, Quantity, Budget approved
Wording: Join us for xxx, date, rsvp, venue

2 x Social media posts:
Details: Join us for xxx, date, rsvp, venue”

1 x Whatsapp Invite


Here is a rough example of timelines and how much lead time we would need: 

Designs: 7 working days
For any designs, we need at least 7 working days. This will vary with the workload and seasons, but for most designs, this should be enough time.

Campaigns: 2 months
For any campaign (eg: conferences, equip, groups, age group ministries) we usually start promo 5 weeks out. This means we need at least 3 weeks to plan and strategise. Again, this will vary with different requests, but as far as possible, plan ahead of time.

Video/Film: 3 months
This will be calculated based on individual projects but generally needs about 3 months notice beforehand. If you have a conference coming up or need something to be filmed, please put in a request and our team will get back to you 🙂


Once we receive your request, this is what happens next:
1. Our team will review your request and a Comms team member will be allocated to your project. You will receive an email once we start working on it.

2. Once 1st draft is completed it will be emailed to you for feedback.

3. If you have any changes or suggestions, it will be taken into consideration and the final project sent back to you.

4. Upon project completion you will receive an automatic email asking for your feedback on how we did. This short survey is so that we can learn and improve.

*Please note that not all requests are guaranteed to be actioned on or deadlines may not always be possible. We do our absolute best to serve all department’s comms needs, however, there may be cases where team capacity or resource does not allow us to accept your project. These cases are rare and if they do happen we will communicate to you why and suggested alternatives.


“Our location has a hangout. Can I design my own flyer?”

Our team is there to help you. We would love to keep all designs unified across our locations. With that being said, if you have a designer in your location, we would love to meet them and see how we can equip them.

“Do I need to refresh our slides and screens every Sunday?”
YES! We change and update important details on our announcement slides and screens almost EVERY SUNDAY. So make sure you refresh and reload all media every Sunday. PS: If you are looking after a location, make sure you check in with your production team to see if they are doing this.

“Can we send out our own emails for our location?”
We value our congregation’s privacy and time – which means every email has intentionality behind it. We have a great new system called CCB where every location can send their own emails. Let us know if this is something you want to do. (Please note: We want to transfer all emails to go through this new system and NOT your own Mailchimp accounts.)

“I need a design. Can I pop you a quick WhatsApp or email?”
We would love to help you, but please use the comms request form. This way everyone in our whole team will see the request and it will be allocated more effectively.

“Do I need to copy and grammar check the details before sending through a comms request?”
YES, please. This eliminates emails back and forth. Every change = delay in the finished product being sent to you.

“I have no idea who to speak to in comms. Who does what?”
Great question. We get this all the time. Please visit for any requests, but just so you know:

Key Contacts 
Sunday Comms Oversight. Anything to do with comms for Sundays or Church ministries.
Creative Presentations Oversight. Anything to do with comms for special Sundays, like Easter, HFTH, milestone events, Christmas etc
Creative and Marketing Strategist. Any Marketing/PR/Campaign or branding-related questions.
Comms Team Support Manager. Oversees team workload and deadlines. Contact for updates on your requests or new enquiries you may have.
Film Oversight. Anything film related
Design Oversight. Any design-related questions.
Oversees Social Media for Hillsong Africa.
Any Website related questions.