Hillsong Africa

Healthy You

A Holistic approach

As a church we believe that we are body, soul and spirit. From scripture we see God’s desire for us here on earth is to be reflective of heaven, bringing peace wherever we go. This peace, or Shalom when experienced is multidimensional, complete well-being and it flows from all of our relationships being put right — with God, within oneself, and with others.

 The Passion Translation commentary explains it like this:

 “Shalom means wholeness, wellness, well-being, safety, happiness, friendly, favour, completeness, peace, secure, to prosper, to be victorious, to be content, tranquil, quiet and restful.” 

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The World Health Organization (WHO) describes mental health as:

– The state of wellbeing,

– in which the individual realised their abilities,

– can cope with the normal stresses of life,

– can work productively and fruitfully, and

– can contribute to their community.

Mental health is important for our overall well being as it affects the way we think, feel, behave and function. Our mental wellbeing determines our ability to feel positive emotions, manage stress and show resilience in difficult circumstances. It also enables us to realise our full potential, have a sense of purpose & fulfilment, be productive in every aspect of daily life as well as build meaningful & healthy relationships and contribute to our communities. (World Health Organization (WHO): https://www.who.int/)

Support we offer

  1. Guide to Mental Wellbeing (coming soon)
  2. Refresh days
  3. Staff support & short term Counselling
  4. Access to Equip Courses subsidised by Church




    The basic foundation of spiritual wellbeing is the belief that life is meaningful and it involves our beliefs, our  personal values and purpose in life. It is an ever growing journey to become more like Jesus in His being and doing. It involves growing in the disciplines recognised in scripture leading to a holy life, like daily prayer, devotion, worship, practising God’s presence, sabbath rest and being lead by the Holy Spirit. We are ultimately a church and this area of our lives are central in everything we do. How can we fulfil the Call of God in our life, if we ourselves do not continuously abide in the vine.

    Support we offer

    1. Weekly staff meetings that helps us grow in our understanding of the word and where we worship and pray together as a team
    2. Prayer meetings at locations and on Tuesdays
    3. Oversights prioritising spiritual growth as part of the essence of every team member’s role
    4. As a church we are growing on healthy spiritual growth (more info coming soon)




      Relational well being refers to the relationships and connections we have and how we interact with others. It involves building and nurturing meaningful relationships with self, others (family, friends & team) and church community. Having healthy and supportive relationships contributes to a sense of belonging, fulfilment and longevity. We are a “people first culture” and believe that cultivating a healthy community is central in following Jesus.

      Support we offer

      1. Consideration for Parents as reflected in the Parents Guide (coming soon)
      2. A work environment that encourages community with staff meetings and team building activities
      3. Access to Equip Courses subsidised by Church like the Marriage and Parenting courses
      4. Groups mid-week




        We take care of our bodies through exercise, resting well, maintaining our personal hygiene, drinking water daily, and consuming balanced and nutritious food. When we steward our physical bodies well, our health improves both instantaneously and long-term. Physical wellbeing is more than just fitness. For example, when we get enough sleep: we feel more energised, remember better, our immune system is strengthened, our physical wounds get time to heal, and the list goes on! We recognize everyone has different abilities and capacities in every season, find what works for you. 

        Support we offer

        1. Mental Wellbeing Guide that includes the importance of physical health (coming soon)
        2. Rest is an important part of your physical well-being and we offer many leave options for our staff that can be seen on our Leave Guide
        3. We offer medical aid/ medical insurance to our team, with various reward programs available to incentivise physical well-being.




          The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial well-being as a state of being where a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, can feel secure in their financial future and is able to make choices that allow them to enjoy life. 

          We value you as staff and the contribution you make in building God’s house, thank you! We desire to provide a total remuneration package that meet your needs and enables you to flourish in your finances as noted in  1 Tim 5:18. Building financial strength, like everything in life, takes time, wisdom and consistency and we endeavour to support you in your overall financial wellness.


          Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Financial Well-Being in America,

          Support we offer

          1. Access to the Financial Leadership course 
          2. Financial Planning advisor access with Protekma
          3. Evolving Staff benefits that include Medical subsidy and short term and long term savings. We are continuously looking at ways of expanding our benefits package to support our team in pursuing financial wellbeing in every season of life.
          4. Wherever possible seeking to provide market related staff salaries and continuing to grow in this area as our finances grow. Our Remuneration Guideline gives an overview of our salaries and benefits and how it is determined.


          Though we consider what we do a calling, we also acknowledge that there is a very real job element to our involvement in church. Our desire is to see each person fulfilling their God-calling, using their gifts and talents and continuously growing and developing in a healthy way towards long term purpose goals. We desire to be a healthy and loving team working with excellence towards mutual goals in a way that promotes collaboration, innovation and progress. We acknowledge that everyone is in different seasons and capacities and want to provide safe places that offer great support while keeping everyone accountable to our high call and values. Our values are depicted below:

          Our Values


          We Love God


          We Love People


          We Love Life & Laughter


          We Love Excellence


          Though our Credo aims to guide HOW we do things, our systems and structures aim to clarify WHAT we do.

          Though we all have different roles, every role and person is important. We bring so much more than the role we fulfil, and so this structure is a way to understand how our support structures work and who to relay questions to.

          We believe every person on our staff team has been called to be on our team and the journey of someone on staff is referred to as our staff journey and is depicted below and can be seen in greater detail below.


          As a church, we don’t take hiring lightly and want to make sure we follow the Word, the law of the land and our cultural guidelines. Being called and joined to our core team carries weight and honour, and we seek to place value on every candidate following a prompting in their own heart towards such a calling.

          Step 1: Assess Need

          Identify need in relation to budget, location, big picture and agree in Support on role guideline and salary.

          Step 2: Source

          Candidates apply for role, shortlist candidates based on character, skills & competencies as well as team fit and values alignment.

          Step 3: Background

          Background check, reference checks, Pastoral questionnaire & interview, church reference checks.

          Step 4: Panel Interview

          Support & PD prayerfully interview candidate(s). Decision is based on a objective measurement tool.

          Step 5: Offer

          Extend offer telephonically and in writing, candidate accept and activates onboarding process.

          To activate the hiring process as an oversight please click below:


          We understand that starting a new season can be daunting. It is also very memorable and determines long-term experience. That’s why we want to create a soft landing for people where they feel loved, empowered, equipped and home. Ensuring we have a few basic foundations in place will setup our new starters for success.

          Before 1st Day

          Receive Starter Pack including strength code, connect with Oversight & buddy. Prepare space and resources.

          First Day

          Welcome from team + gift, coffee with PD, space allocation, special moment, announcement.

          First Month

          Role guideline, Development Plan, coaching session, weekly 1:1 with oversight.

          First Three Months

          Regular feedback, Staff Orientation, Strengths workshop, Goal setting, check-in from Leadership Team, Probation review

          First Year

          Celebrate one-year workavesary with your team.


          Our desire is to see each person on our staff flourish in their God-given gifts and potential as well as holistically grow in capacity, maturity and calling. We are committed to the continuous investment in our staff team, knowing that their health and wellbeing will directly impact the health of our church and is our responsibility as good stewards.

          Role Guideline

          RG gives clarity into team’s key responsibilities and focus, encourages stewardship, enables alignment and clear expectations communication. RG are reviewed at onboarding, transitions and annually between team member and leader & uploaded on BHR.

          Goal Setting

          3x smart quarterly and weekly goals. Driven by Team member and supported by Leader. This gives focus, intentionality, opportunities to celebrate and accountability.

          1:1 Regular Check-ins

          Bi-monthly 15-30min 1:1 check in to discuss priorities, barriers, celebrate successes and pray. It is also an opportunity to care and develop team members intentionally. Regular team huddles are vital.

          Development Plan

          Twice a year, oversights discuss each team member’s development plan with them, incorporating future aspirations, current gaps and possible action plans. This will feed into staff training, succession planning and alignment, and performance management.


          • Quarterly reviews based on goals for team member and oversight
          • Annual 360 review
          • Bi-annual satisfaction surveys
          • Safechurch@hillsong.co.za available safe pathways of feedback for anyone anytime


          Coming Soon


          Saying goodbye isn’t always easy, but as a church we want to ensure that people are valued and cared for, even if their season on our staff team comes to an end. Our approach is to honour and release team well as they transition into a new season, while ensuring their teams are strong going forward. It gives us an opportunity for honest feedback which refines our overall staff experience. This process deals with resignations specifically but other terminations would have a similar approach depending on the situation.

          Initial Conversation

          Resignation – either conversation or email. Care conversation by PD asking key questions, praying and giving guidance about next steps


          Staff member send “formal” letter/email, Personal Development sends a confirmation letter (with all admin details) and then activates termination on Bamboo HR.


          PD cancel/transfer benefits, PD inform Oversight(s), Exec, Pastoral Care, IT, Facilities Manager, Finance and HLA for next steps, Leaders communicate with team, PD send staff announcement.


          Exit interview & form, Pastoral Care check in, team farewell with gift (budget depend on tenure), honour moment and prayer/release, 3 month follow up.


          Team leader ensures all church resources are returned on the last day (computer, keys, tags, petty cash, etc).



          Rest from work is a biblical concept which God Himself established at the creation and is an integral part of the replenishment process, essential for healthy living.

          Generally, the various forms of leave available help to ensure we continue to replenish and are able to give our very best to those around us, whether at work or at home. Let’s take a look into the different leave categories!


          Leave Categories

          1. Annual leave
          2. Family leave
          3. Study & Personal development leave
          4. Sick leave
          5. Maternity, Paternity & Adoption leave
          6. Sabbatical leave
          7. Refresh days



            Being a leader or staff member of Hillsong Africa requires a higher level of accountability and general lifestyle expectations, as we aim to please God and live without blame before others (1 Tim 3). Our communities and Church look to us as an example of how to follow Christ and be transformed by Him.

            Though we don’t expect people to be perfect, we do require you to be committed to becoming more like Jesus and being accountable. This means that we are open to feedback that will help provide correction & realignment whilst creating safe places where concerns can be raised without victimising those who courageously provide feedback. We work through and resolve disputes on a case-by-case basis following a restorative approach, seeking to provide care and support for all involved.

            Scripture provide guidance on our general approach:

            • Matt 5:24 Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him,
            • James 1:19-21 First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.
            • Eph 4:15-16 …speaking the truth in love…
            • Matt 18:15-17 Reconciliation is progressive in nature, from one-on-one to getting others and the church involved