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Jeannie Cherry

Jun 10, 2022

WELCOME HOME, two words with a depth of meaning that resonates deeply with me. After moving to Cape Town over 20 years ago, I found it so challenging to settle into a church community and truly feel that I belong. One Sunday morning, watching a service on TV, an announcement about Hillsong at the Convention Centre came up and I just about fell off my chair! For about 12 months before, I’d been praying and believing for a word about my future. I’d been questioning my purpose and whether I was on the right path. Leading up to the announcement, I’d listen to the WOW contemporary Christian CDs and a particular track really touched me deeply – This is home by Swtchback. Lyrics This is home…
Now I’m finally back to where I belong, Where I Belong. Yeah, this is home, I’ve been searching for a place of my own. Now I’ve found it. Maybe this is home, This is home. And now after all my searching, After all my questions. I’m gonna call it home, I’ve got a brand new mindset, I can finally see the sunset. I’m gonna call it home. I’d play it over and over every morning, often driven to tears, and then the announcement… The very next Sunday morning we were at the Convention Centre, standing in line waiting for the second service. Walking in, the place was packed, but the first thing that I noticed was the screen with the words Welcome Home. I re-committed my life to Christ that morning. Being part of God’s House is so important, no matter which room you find yourself in!