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Leave Guideline

Rest from work is a biblical concept which God Himself established at the
creation and is an integral part of the replenishment process, essential for
healthy living. Generally, the various forms of leave available help to ensure we continue to replenish and are able to give our very best to those around us, whether at work or at home. Let’s take a look into the different leave categories!


here you will find



We value our staff team and believe we are all in this for the long run. To ensure we build for longevity we receive our 20 days annual leave in advance in the month of January, even though you only technically accrue 1,67 days per month. If you start your staff journey with us later in the year, you will be allocated your leave pro-rata for the year and if for whatever reason you don’t work for church anymore, you will be paid out only the pro-rata leave owed, to a maximum of 25 days.

We strongly encourage everyone to take at least 15 days of Annual Leave per year, as it will enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whatever leave you do not take in any given year will be carried over into the following year but no more than 5 of those days can be carried over beyond July of the new year.

After 5 years of continued service, you will agree 1 day for each additional year of service to a maximum of 25 days annual leave. These additional leave days will not be carried over into the following year.


Ensure your Leave balance is correct.

Plan your Annual leave at the beginning of the year, or at least 4 weeks in advance.

Check there is no big events during your leave period


Chat to your leaders about your planned leave before
applying or booking holidays.

Also include Sunday
Serving Leaders and teams.


Apply for Leave using the BambooHR System.

If you had all the right conversations this will be approved within 2 weeks.

If not check in with your Leader and People Development.


Ensure your area of responsibility is covered during your leave period and that your Leaders know who to contact.

Send an email to your leaders and people directly affected by your time away, setting up others for a win.

Ensure your Petty Cash is handed in before going on Leave.


  • Please make sure you give at least 4 weeks’ notice for Annual Leave requests, as it really helps us plan and ensure Church is strong.
  • We all pull together when it comes to our events but especially when it comes to our big events in the year and so we generally don’t take our Annual Leave during Vision Sunday, Easter, Colour Conference, Heart for the House, Men’s Conference and Christmas.
  • However, if it is a desire, we would like to give our team the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families from afar every 3 years. This will depend on church requirements and evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Since Sundays are our most significant day for taking Church forward we have allocated 4 Sundays towards leave throughout the year, but ask that you don’t take more than 3 Sundays at a time.
  • If you have any question regarding the above, please contact our People Development team, as we would love to help you!



Health is very important to us, so we encourage our team to exercise regularly, sleep enough, eat healthy and drink enough water. We believe God for healing, either miraculously by prayer (which is always a 1st choice) or through doctors, but we understand that from time to time we all get affected by sickness. For such occasions we have 30 days paid sick leave over 3 years (about 10 days a year).

If you have been sick for more than 1 day or if you are sick twice (or more) in 2 months, you need to attach a sick certificate from a certified doctor, with your sick leave application.

When it comes to long periods of sickness beyond the 30 days, it is evaluated on a case by case basis but it is most often considered part of Annual Leave. If there is no Annual Leave days available, Unpaid Leave will apply.

If you are sick, please let your direct leaders (Department Leader, Location Pastor, etc) know, and remember to apply for Sick Leave on same amazing system (BambooHR) you use to apply for Annual Leave.



After working for 4 months or longer, you will have access to 5 days Family leave per year in the event of any one of the following circumstances:

  • When your dependent child is sick; or
  • In the event of the death of your spouse, parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, adopted child, grandchild or sibling.

In the event of tragedy, our first concern is always for you and your family and we would like to support you every step of the way. This is only a guideline and will be adapted to optimally support our team on a case by case basis.

*Unfortunately Honeymoon doesn’t apply 🙂


Paternity &


  • If you are a new Mom you can take 4 months of Maternity Leave to spend with your little baby
  • If you have been on our staff team for more than a year we offer 2 payment options:
    • You can choose to be paid your full salary for 3 months of your maternity leave with the 4th month being unpaid; or
    • You can be paid 75% of your normal salary for 4 months.
  • If you haven’t been on our staff team for the full year yet, your payment option will be pro-rata of how long you have worked
  • You can also claim UIF during your maternity leave.
  • You may start your maternity leave at any time from 4 weeks before your due date, and by law, you are not allowed to work during the first 6 weeks following the birth of your precious baby.
  • If you are a new Dad, we would love you to spend 15 days at home with your new baby as Paternity Leave.
  • If in the very painful event of a miscarriage during the third trimester of pregnancy, Mom can take maternity leave for 6 weeks.
  • Both Maternity and Paternity Leave can’t be carried over to the following year

Be open about your journey as a mom/dad and know that you have a community of people that would love to support and come alongside you. We also understand that a baby changes many things in our lives including priorities like church and work, and ask that you will have continuous conversations with us about your journey.


Adoption leave will look exactly the same as our Maternity and Paternity leave with the following exceptions:

  • The gap in salary can’t fully be claimed back from UIF;
  • Adoption Leave will start when your new baby arrives.

We encourage our staff team to consider adoption and make use of our incredible resources offered by our Hillsong Africa Foundation who come alongside and help with the adoption process. We have had staff team go through the process who would love to chat to you, if you have any questions!

Study &




We are passionate about learning and remaining teachable. Through various initiative we try to create opportunities for learning in the workplace but believe it requires a sense of ownership by each person on the team. To make learning more accessible, we give our staff team 5 days of Study Leave per year when studying a formal qualification with required written exams. If you would like to study and want to apply for a study loan or bursary, you can send a motivational letter with the respective costs involved to our Human Resource & Development team before 31 August every year, to be reviewed by the Remuneration Committee. We would still encourage you to pursue your studies even in the event that we are not able to support your studies financially.


For the same reason above, we give our team 5 days of Personal  Development Leave per year if you would like to attend any conferences or seminar that is approved by Hillsong. Please note that you won’t need to take this leave if you are sent to attend such events by your Leader or our Executive Team. We would appreciate it if you’d still let us know for our records.



We want to be continuously mindful of our team’s overall wellness and we understand from time to time, in more full seasons, some extra breathe and refresh days will help. Oversights can recommend team to take these days, or team can discuss taking refresh days according to what is needed. 3 days a year are available and similar to family leave, will not be carried over.


After every 10 years of completed service you will be eligible to apply for 2 months of Sabbatical Leave to rest, spend time with family, learn a new skill, reflect, be re-energised and re-imagine the next part of the adventure. To enable you to maximise this opportunity, we ask that you submit a proposal of what you will be doing during this time including who will be looking after your areas of responsibility before submitting your leave request on BHR. This leave should be planned and discussed at least 2 months before the leave is scheduled to start.


Process for Sabbatical Leave

Conversation with Oversight & People Development

Sabbatical Leave Request form/ proposal on BHR

Leadership Team Approval & discussion

Preparation & handover

Take Sabbatical Leave

Reflection & development plan discussion within 30 days after return

In your application consider the following:

  • How are you planning to maximise this opportunity?
  • How would this affect your current work commitments and involvement in church?
  • Who will look after your current responsibilities and do they require training and resources?
  • How will you prioritise rest, devotion & community time?
  • What activities are you planning during this time to prepare and re-envision the next decade?

General Guideline

The approval of this request is at the discretion of the leadership team and could be affected by church requirements. We ask that you have a discussion with your Oversight and People Development team at least 2 months before the leave is scheduled. A Sabbatical Leave Request is submitted on BambooHR (speak to People Development if you need help). We trust that you would ensure that all areas are well stewarded while you are away.