Manga Jane Sililo

Jun 11, 2022

My first Sunday was the day church launched in June 2008. Although I grew up in church, that Sunday (at age 12) was the first time I felt fully comfortable to raise my hands in worship. I remember opening my eyes to see if anyone was looking at me/judging me 😅 but no one was. Everyone was focused on God. From that moment, I knew I had to make this my church my home.
It took a “minute” for my mom to allow me to leave our previous church to join Hillsong but when she did, the growth in my life started taking place!

As a young person, I was finally allowed to start serving in church – which was huge for me. I had the greatest youth pastors and leaders who drew out the best in me. Even during my years of studying at uni while being a youth leader, I had an amazing support system. I’ve found my greatest friends in church (who have become family) and I’m so grateful for that.

There have been ups & downs on this 14 year journey but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Church has played a huge role in shaping who I am today and given me the confidence to achieve my goals & dreams in my personal life. I’m excited for what God has in store in the future. And I do have to say: West truly is best 🥳 #iykyk