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Mental wellness is the overall well-being of a person. It refers to the ability to feel positive emotions, cope with stress, build healthy relationships and have a sense of fulfilment and joy in life. 

Our state of well-being affects the way we think, feel and act as well as how productively we work and contribute to our community and can be broken down into has 4 dimensions: 

  • Mental Dimension: The way we think and process information
  • Emotional Dimension: The way we feel, and the ability to express and manage our emotions 
  • Social Dimension: The way we connect with, and relate to others 
  • Psychological Dimension: The way we cope with / handle stress, solve problems and 

Support we offer

  1. Guide to Mental Wellbeing (coming soon)
  2. Refresh days
  3. Staff support & short term Counselling
  4. Psychological first aid and next steps
  5. Access to Equip Courses subsidised by Church
  6. Discovery Employee Assistance Program (2023)