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Moho Lawrence

Jun 5, 2022

I went from a broken, conflicted, wounded and scared season in my life to a restored life. I remember that day where I was sitting alone, deep and drowning in my thoughts, I had been looking for a church to call home but that started to feel like a futile exercise. I then got a call from my mom reminding me of what she experienced when she went to Hillsong Church, that call was followed by an invite from a close friend of mine to come to church.

The first Sunday of 2019 December, I went for the 5pm service at Hillsong Wonderboom. It became a day engraved onto my heart for eternity. From the second I walked through the doors of Hillsong Church, I knew I was home, home to stay. The youth was a whole vibe, the hosts were so welcoming and friendly. I knew that my life would now be surrounded by people who’d help me up, wipe my tears and cheer me on.

The first Sunday of 2020, I made a choice to get baptised, that was the seal. The moment I was dipped in those waters, a heavy weight was washed away from my shoulders. I didn’t know what the future held for me, but I knew who held my future.

I now have a community that cheers me on, I’m surrounded by people who support me, love me, value me and sustain me with prayers. My journey till this day is filled with so much expectation of what God has in store for me as he blesses beyond what I ask for, Hillsong church is my home. From day one when I was told “Welcome Home” indeed was and still is a home.

I filled in a prayer report and today I am working a job I’ve prayed for during the miracle of May 2021. I thank God for granting me a church I can call home.