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We take care of our bodies through exercise, resting well, maintaining our personal hygiene, drinking water daily, and consuming balanced and nutritious food. When we steward our physical bodies well, our health improves both instantaneously and long-term. Physical wellbeing is more than just fitness. For example, when we get enough sleep: we feel more energised, remember better, our immune system is strengthened, our physical wounds get time to heal, and the list goes on! We recognize everyone has different abilities and capacities in every season, find what works for you. 

Support we offer

  1. Mental Wellbeing Guide that includes the importance of physical health (coming soon)
  2. Rest is an important part of your physical well-being and we offer many leave options for our staff that can be seen on our Leave Guide
  3. We offer medical aid/ medical insurance to our team, with various reward programs available to incentivise physical well-being.
  4. We have Wellness days in the beginning of the year to facilitate physical well-being assessments