Ruth Bowles

Jun 9, 2022

I joined Hillsong after my daughter started her 2 year internship (2018-2020). I have been on this journey, visiting at the 5pm service since Hillsong came to South Africa. Although I was at another church, I enjoyed the worship, when we still had cassettes.

I have never missed a Sisterhood or Colour conference ❤️ That’s what drew me in! I was only going to warm the pew but, coming from leadership, God had other ideas🙏🏽 Serving on the pastoral team, leading a sisterhood connect group and recently joining the choir has given me a sense of purpose. Seek ye first the kingdom of God… is the verse I live for. Learning how community cares for one another is on a whole other level ❤️ Yes, no church is perfect but we keep our eyes on Jesus