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The basic foundation of spiritual wellbeing is the belief that life is meaningful and it involves our beliefs, our  personal values and purpose in life. It is an ever growing journey to become more like Jesus in His being and doing. It involves growing in the disciplines recognised in scripture leading to a holy life, like daily prayer, devotion, worship, practising God’s presence, sabbath rest and being lead by the Holy Spirit. We are ultimately a church and this area of our lives are central in everything we do. How can we fulfil the Call of God in our life, if we ourselves do not continuously abide in the vine.

Support we offer

  1. Weekly staff meetings that helps us grow in our understanding of the word and where we worship and pray together as a team
  2. Prayer meetings at locations and on Tuesdays
  3. Bible study groups as staff team
  4. Oversights prioritising spiritual growth as part of the essence of every team member’s role
  5. Guide to growing in your spiritual journey (coming soon)