Hillsong Africa




We endeavour to create a safe and healthy space where everyone experiences a sense of community and belonging. A place where you can bring your full self to work and have fulfilment in what you do as you apply your God-given talents and calling, knowing it is making a difference in the lives of people inside and outside our church. A space where you can grow and develop, be challenged and refined and where we have the honour to build God’s kingdom through ministry while having fun and maturing in faith. A space where we genuinely care, pray and encourage each other and where Jesus is our ultimate prize and the Holy Spirit our guide. 


The purpose of this guideline is to bring language and clarity around how we do things. It is an ever-evolving space that is open to feedback as we continue to re-align to be who we believe God has called us as a Church to be.




to the team

We would love to welcome you on to Staff! It is such an honour  and a blessing to have YOU.  We believe you are going to do an incredible job and bring so much to our Church and team.

We want to thank you for saying YES! We are believing that throughout your season on staff you are going continue to grow, develop and flourish in every area of your life.

We pray that the season ahead of building God’s beautiful church will be your finest – filled with joy and fruitfulness. 


With Love,

Phil and Lucinda xo 

Our Vision

a HEALTHY Church, changing lives through CHRIST

But how do we do that? It starts with us, our staff team. Looking at your health & wellbeing holistically.

Healthy You = Healthy Team = Healthy Church 

Healthy You

Looking at your health & wellbeing holistically. Click each link below for more info.


As we continue to build a healthy YOU, we understand that health and growth happens in community and not in isolation. It is important that all our teams are clear on:

  • The Purpose/ mission of the team in accomplishing the Vision statement
  • Understand each person’s part to play or role with mutual expectations
  • Understand that everyone is different and bring different strengths to the team (strength workshops 2023)
  • Understand and engage with the internal communication channels as well as work systems/ reporting/ tools/ platforms etc
  • The importance of individual and team check ins not just about work but for community and fun
  • The importance of honest and loving feedback and accountability 
  • The power in praying together regularly and encouraging one another