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We endeavour to create a safe and healthy space where everyone experiences a sense of community and belonging. A place where you can bring your full self to work and have fulfilment in what you do as you apply your God-given talents and calling, knowing it is making a difference in the lives of people inside and outside our church. A space where you can grow and develop, be challenged and refined and where we have the honour to build God’s kingdom through ministry while having fun and maturing in faith. A space where we genuinely care, pray and encourage each other and where Jesus is our ultimate prize and the Holy Spirit our guide. 


The purpose of this guideline is to bring language and clarity around how we do things. It is an ever evolving space that is open to feedback as we continue to re-align to be who we believe God has called us as a Church to be.

Dearest Team

We would love to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our staff team – you are an absolute blessing! We believe you are called and chosen to be here, and we pray that it will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience that is filled with wonderful memories. We pray that you will continue to grow and develop in every area of your life and that God will continue to guide you in all you do.


We are super excited for all that God is going to do in and through your life and do believe that for you personally and for our church, the best days are ahead.

Lots of love 

Phil and Lucinda

Our Vision

a HEALTHY Church and changing lives through CHRIST

But how do we do that? It starts with us, our staff team. Looking at your health & wellbeing holistically.

Healthy You = Healthy Team = Healthy Church 


Looking at your health & wellbeing holistically. Click each link below for more info.


These values above are expressed as a set of behaviours referred to as our Credo and is an evolving document that grows with our culture.



Though our Credo aims to guide HOW we do things, our systems and structures aim to clarify WHAT we do.

Though we all have different roles, every role and person is important. We bring so much more than the role we fulfil, and so this structure is a way to understand how our support structures work and who to relay questions to.

We believe every person on our staff team has been called to be on our team and the journey of someone on staff is referred to as our staff journey and is depicted below and can be seen in greater detail below.


As a church, we don’t take hiring lightly and want to make sure we follow the Word, the law of the land and our cultural guidelines. Being called and joined to our core team carries weight and honour, and we seek to place value on every candidate following a prompting in their own heart towards such a calling.

Step 1: Assess Need

Identify need in relation to budget, location, big picture and agree in Support on role guideline and salary.

Step 2: Source

Candidates apply for role, shortlist candidates based on character, skills & competencies as well as team fit and values alignment.

Step 3: Background

Background check, reference checks, Pastoral questionnaire & interview, church reference checks.

Step 4: Panel Interview

Support & PD prayerfully interview candidate(s). Decision is based on a objective measurement tool.

Step 5: Offer

Extend offer telephonically and in writing, candidate accept and activates onboarding process.


We understand that starting a new season can be daunting. It is also very memorable and determines long-term experience. That’s why we want to create a soft landing for people where they feel loved, empowered, equipped and home. Ensuring we have a few basic foundations in place will setup our new starters for success.

Step 1: Before 1st Day

Receive Starter Pack including strength code, connect with Oversight & buddy. Prepare space and resources.

Step 2: First Day

Welcome from team + gift, coffee with PD, space allocation, special moment, announcement.

Step 3: First Month

Role guideline, Development Plan, coaching session, weekly 1:1 with oversight.

Step 4: First Three Months

Regular feedback, Staff Orientation, Strengths workshop, Goal setting, check in from Leadership Team, Probation review

Step 5: First Year



Our desire is to see each person on our staff flourish in their God-given gifts and potential as well as holistically grow in capacity, maturity and calling. We are committed to the continuous investment in our staff team, knowing that their health and wellbeing will directly impact the health of our church and is our responsibility as good stewards.

Step 1: Role Guideline

RG gives clarity into team’s key responsibilities and focus, encourages stewardship, enables alignment and clear expectations communication. RG are reviewed at onboarding, transitions and annually between team member and leader & uploaded on BHR.

Step 2: Goal Setting

3x smart quarterly and weekly goals. Driven by Team member and supported by Leader. This gives focus, intentionality, opportunities to celebrate and accountability.

Step 3: 1:1 Regular Check-ins

Bi-monthly 15-30min 1:1 check in to discuss priorities, barriers, celebrate successes and pray. It is also an opportunity to care and develop team members intentionally. Regular team huddles are vital.

Step 4: Dev Plan

Bi-Annually oversights discuss each team member’s personal development plan. This is where gaps are identified and long-term goals are set, with actionable plans to grow. This will feed into staff training, succession planning and alignment, performance management.

Step 5: Reviews

  • Quarterly reviews based on goals for team member and oversight,
  • bi-annual salary related performance reviews
  • annual 360 review
  • bi-annual satisfaction surveys
  • safechurch@ available safe pathways of feedback for anyone anytime


Saying goodbye isn’t always easy, but as a church we want to ensure that people are valued and cared for, even if their season on our staff team comes to an end. Our approach is to honour and release team well as they transition into a new season, while ensuring their teams are strong going forward. It gives us an opportunity for honest feedback which refines our overall staff experience. This process deals with resignations specifically but other terminations would have a similar approach depending on the situation.

Step 1: Bye

Resignation – either conversation or email. Care conversation by PD asking key questions, praying and giving guidance about next steps

Step 2: Formal

Staff member send “formal” letter/email, PD sends confirmation letter (with all admin details) and then activates termination on BHR.

Step 3: Comms

PD cancel/transfer benefits, PD inform Oversight(s), Exec, Pastoral Care, IT, Facilities Manager, Finance and HLA for next steps, Leaders comm with team, PD send staff announcement.

Step 4: Care

Exit interview & form, Pastoral Care check in, team farewell with gift (budget depend on tenure), honour moment and prayer/release, 3 month follow up.

Step 5: Logistics

Team leader ensures all church resources are returned on the last day (computer, keys, tags, petty cash, etc).


As we continue to build a healthy YOU, we understand that health and growth happens in community and not in isolation. It is important that all our teams are clear on:

  • The Purpose/ mission of the team in accomplishing the Vision statement
  • Understand each person’s part to play or role with mutual expectations
  • Understand that everyone is different and bring different strengths to the team (strength workshops 2023)
  • Understand and engage with the internal communication channels as well as work systems/ reporting/ tools/ platforms etc
  • The importance of individual and team check ins not just about work but for community and fun
  • The importance of honest and loving feedback and accountability 
  • The power in praying together regularly and encouraging one another

On a bigger team level, a few additional guidelines will be helpful to understand how to navigate different aspects of the work environment

Diversity Inclusion and belonging

Diversity can be defined as:

“The existence of variations of different characteristics in a group of people. These characteristics could be everything that makes us unique, such as our cognitive skills and personality traits, along with the things that shape our identitylike race, age, gende and cultural background).” (coming soon)

The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice and is distinguished from equality: Whereas equality means providing the same to all, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances.

Inclusion is making all different people feel welcome and that their contribution matters, creating belonging for all. All these aspects work together 

Staff Resource Guide

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Intellectual Property Guide

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Electronic communications Guide

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Travel guide

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A guide and pathway for concerns and grievances

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Safe church

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Code of Conduct and Alignment Guideline

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Confidentiality and Privacy

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