Yolla(Yolande) Grobler

Jun 10, 2022

Who am I? I cannot believe that I am actually attending church, I am serving at church. I am praying for others? This was not me a year and 4 months ago.

I am a Jesus freak now. When I open my eyes I think of my Father. Before I close my eyes I thank Him for my life every day. I speak to HIM right through the day. I sing and dance when I worship my God. I am in love with Jesus. My life has turned upside down and inside out. I feel worthy. I am free. I have found home.
You see, I was invited several times to come check out the new Hillsong church in Plettenberg Bay. After I ran out of excuses and because the friend was determined I figured let me just go and endure it and get it over with, the kids might enjoy it. To be honest I was just pleasing my new found friend. But you know what?

I found my salvation that morning. I found God in this house, I couldn’t stop crying. The Holy Spirit started to work in me that moment I walked through the doors. I felt love, I saw love, I was HOME. I was back the next Sunday and I find it hard to stay away.
I am grateful to God for His kindness, for His grace and for the family I have found.

My life has changed in every single way. God gave me so many gifts and I am so grateful to use all my talents to serve in His house and especially others, I am free friend. My life has just started and I am running, it is well with my soul.